It’s less than a month before our 2-day free-of-charge event - OPEN HOUSE at the sppot’s headquarters in Sofia. The sppot opens its door to welcome partners, customers, and friends for the first time in a home-based event. Here is some reveal of what to expect at the event.

The full scale of surface finishing expertise at one sppot

The sppot ecosystem is a unique platform consisting of individual leading European companies, dedicated to the surface finishing industry. What makes us different is that we care about the whole process and product compatibility at each stage. That is why all companies on the sppot platform are constantly researching and developing new products and solutions to help you increase your production efficiency while saving time and energy costs. 
Let us reveal below what to expect at the event.  

New color trends launch

Spring is time for new collections and traditionally TIGER Coatings and BerlacAG are ready to unveil their predictions for upcoming trends in colors, shades, and finishes. The latest Sport and Leisure color trend collection 2025/26 by TIGER Coatings will be revealed for the first time in samples. The Berlac’s color trend E-IV will beat your attentionif you look for liquid coating inspiration.

NEW PRODUCTS: Sustainable and smart solutions

Solutions that contribute to time-saving, decrease energy costs and increase efficiency make a difference in the production process. That is why all companies on the sppot platform are constantly researching and developing new products and solutions dedicated to Energy efficiency – Advanced control – Operation flexibility.

WAGNER responds to the customer’s needswith thelaunch of SPRING2 – the latest manual powder coating unit with

  • High application efficiency & intuitive control;
  • New components and assistance functions for optimized quality of coating and color changes;
  • Various configuration options.


TIGER Coatings will showcase their new product Drylac® series 18 – low-cure powder coatingsfor metal facades and steel constructions. The series offers a wide variety of base colors and clear coats which require less energy consumption. Additionally, they are developing new one-layer coating products with high glossy effects. Don’t miss the opportunity to be the first to see it!

Posterama Screen Production has upgraded their most wanted product – NWD water decals, decreasing the time of application and securing a broader processing window. This adds to the long shelf life and high quality of their product.

Duthoo Coating Concepts is an expert in color matching and care & repair products, ready to show you how to bring life to your products. In case of paint damage, it is often more efficient not to repaint the entire part but to repair it. Duthoo can match any color: liquid or powder coating and deliver as a Touch-up pen, Touch-up bottle, or Touch-up spray.

Eurotherm has a vast diversity of products and solutions when it is about to construct a new or upgrade your current production line. High-efficient hybrid ovens, full systems as per customer’s needs and preferences, and lines that ensure unrivaled efficiency and precision of the full production processes.

Discover the innovative non-contact measurement tool coatmaster Flex, revolutionary in accuracy and speed in non-contact coating thickness measurement, and achieve:

  • Flawless coatings
  • Precision without calibration
  • Material and time savings

Digital innovations

TIGER Digital Solutions is a pack of digital tools that will allow you to see the real color of your product while you are still projecting it. 

  • TIGER Digital Finishes: Choose a color based on real scans of original powder-coated surfaces.
  • TIGERator: Choose from a multitude of different 3D models from various industries e.g. Automotive, Architecture, Furniture... and customize them with the chosen colors.
  • TIGER Webshop: Shop online. TIGER Drylac® powder coating finishes with over 1,700 products in stock.

Coatmaster’s innovative material database eliminates the need for time-consuming calibration, without compromising on precision and accuracy. The online library allows you to achieve perfect measurement results and take advantage of instant, automated logging for seamless documentation of your processes.

Lesta’s robots are equipped with an advanced statistics toolthat allows the entrepreneurs to keep production under control.

Of course, there’s much more to discover at our Open House.

REGISTER and save your spot at our sppot for an unforgettable experience on May 22-23.