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Color Trend Days @ TIGER, April 2022

Three days dedicated to surface finishing solutions: pre-treatment, powder & liquid coatings, application systems and decals.Color Trends is our annual spring campaign, but for the first year it was a three-day live event. It was an exciting adventure where we welcomed more than 250 visitors at the TIGER’s premises in Wels, Austria. For the last five years TIGER Coatings and the sppot...

Happy Holidays Season from the sppot.

Happy Holidays Season from the sppot.

Wagner Group is one of our partners, whom we admire and trust every day and we would like for you to get acquainted with its sturdy roots - the individual behind the name.

Josef Wagner is a prominent engineer who dedicated his life to create a group of well managed companies under the control of a charity in order to set a course for the companies’ long-term successful future, which he undoubtedly achieved. He founded the Josef-Wagner Charitable Foundation in 1972 and the Swiss JOSEF-WAGNER Foundation in 1975 to take ownership of the WAGNER Group equally. By...

Get Technical 2021
technical seminar for surface finishing solutions within the Sport and Leisure industry in Europe.

Get Technical is an individual technical seminar in which companies dive deep in the technologies and processes which turn raw bicycle frames and components into immaculately finished pieces of art. In 2021 we turn focus on the technical teams of new production lines in the sport and leisure industry in Europe. Each company has opportunity to book one full day in which its technical team to...

„Д Сппот“ ЕООД подписа с Министерство на икономиката договор по Оперативна програма „Иновации и конкурентоспособност”

На 23 август 2021 г. „Д Сппот“ ЕООД подписа с Министерство на икономиката, чрез Главна дирекция „Европейски фондове за конкурентоспособност”, Административен договор за предоставяне на безвъзмездна финансова помощ по Оперативна програма „Иновации и конкурентоспособност” 2014-2020 по Процедура BG16RFOP002-2.089 „Подкрепа за малки предприятия с оборот над...

Electrostatic solution for glass bottles: How Wiegand-Glas significantly simplified its coating process

The family-run Wiegand-Glas Group manufactures and sells individual packaging concepts made of glass and PET for the beverage and food industries at several locations in Bavaria and Thuringia. The competencies of the long-established company also include services related to finishing, logistics and recycling. With almost 2,000 employees, more than 8 million glass containers are produced every...

Wagner Group will deliver the application systems for the new factory of SalkoBisiklet Turkey (www.salcano.com)

Wagner Group won an order for one E-Line system plus 3 x Spraypack E applications (to be integrated in local booths) from company SalkoBisiklet Turkey. In January 2021, the company broke ground on a new factoryin Lüleburgaz, Turkey expanding its manufacturing area to 40,000 m² in total and expanding production capacity to 500,000 bicycles per year.The installation of the E...

Berlac AG became a full rights member of the sppot ecosystem

The sppot proudly announces a partnership with the Swiss premium-grade liquid coating producer Berlac AG. Welcoming the Berlac AG on board, allows to the sppot once again to close the circle of surface finishing solutions, addingto its portfolio a premium-grade, liquid coatings and inks, specially designed for the bike and sporting industry. Berlac AG is a Swiss based and worldwide operating...

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