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Wagner Group will deliver the application systems for the new factory of SalkoBisiklet Turkey (www.salcano.com)

Wagner Group won an order for one E-Line system plus 3 x Spraypack E applications (to be integrated in local booths) from company SalkoBisiklet Turkey. In January 2021, the company broke ground on a new factoryin Lüleburgaz, Turkey expanding its manufacturing area to 40,000 m² in total and expanding production capacity to 500,000 bicycles per year.The installation of the E...

Berlac AG became a full rights member of the sppot ecosystem

The sppot proudly announces a partnership with the Swiss premium-grade liquid coating producer Berlac AG. Welcoming the Berlac AG on board, allows to the sppot once again to close the circle of surface finishing solutions, addingto its portfolio a premium-grade, liquid coatings and inks, specially designed for the bike and sporting industry. Berlac AG is a Swiss based and worldwide operating...

Color Trend 2022/23 Collection: Our GLOBALITY is your gain.

  The sppot stands for surface-protection-performance and trend in one place. Every year we release a special collection colors which are the result of our color scouting, product development and dash of inspiration. More specifically, the selected colors represent our reflection and interpretation of the latest developments in the cycling industry and draw inspiration from nature, society,...

WAGNER Group: Automated application with water-based coatings and reduced equipment costs

WAGNER adds special variants to the range of high-speed rotation atomizers with external charging for the processing of water-based coatings.  From metal workpieces to automotive components and wood: WAGNER’s high-speed rotary atomizers can be used in numerous industrial sectors and achieve extremely efficient coating results on both small and large workpieces. The TOPFINISH Bell 1S...

New Dormant Folder 12 from TIGER Coatings: It’s all about the special effects!

As leaders in the domain of special effect powder coatings, TIGER Coatings never seizes to excite us with their spectacular selections of hues and nuances. The new Dormant Folder 12 sample kit makes no exception! TIGER Coatings strongly recognizes the specific application needs of the various industries in which it operates. Thus, it has a strong focus in the development of specialized products...

Surface Finishing Global Virtual Show: First time’s a charm!

The Surface Finishing Global Virtual Show is now part of the sppot’s history and it has been an exciting and successful journey within the new reality we all experience. In times of growing bicycle demand, supply chain distortions, social distancing and general uncertainty we dared to embrace change. The sppot and its partners form TIGER Coatings, Henkel, Posterama and WAGNER Group...

New Sports & Leisure Decal Kit from Posterama

Posterama presents its new magic box for designers! Enhance your creative process and get inspired with fresh ideas for bike styling and finishing. This new kit contains a complete overview of all decal types provided by the bike decoration supplier with the broadest product range of solutions for under and upon the powder (clear) coating. --image0--New Decal Magic Box from...

TIGER Coatings releases the vibrant Flip Flop special effects folder

The new Flip Flop special effect Folder 12 from TIGER Coatings is officially here – showcasing a stunning selection of powder coating ‘chameleon’ hues.   The surface finishing of a product costs a fraction of its total price; however, it’s a major differentiation point that wins the heart of the customer. TIGER Coatings strongly recognizes this value and is...

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