An ecosystem of experts: one for all, all in Karlsruhe

Are you ready for Paint Expo 2024 – the world’s leading trade fair for industrial coating and painting technology? We certainly are, and here's why: the sppot’s partners will converge in Karlsruhe from April 9th to 12th, showcasing the true power of collaborative work. Expect nothing less than top-notch products, our latest innovations, and unparalleled expertise in delivering the best surface finishing solutions.

For starters, our partners from Berlac AG will present BerlaGuard – their brand-new innovative coating system that makes surfaces antimicrobial. Also, a launch of the new Trend Color Collection liquid coatings E-IV “Perfect Architecture”. If you want to learn how they do their magic, join us at the Exhibition Center Karlsruhe, hall 2 booth 2326.

While you're there, explore WAGNER's booth 3330 in hall 3 open to show an extensive array of products for liquid and powder coating, alongside their smart and sustainable solutions. From individual components to fully automated coating systems, their focus on conserving materials and energy is evident. Additionally, delve into their services such as COATIFY – information and management platform for simplifying coating.

Don't forget to carve out some time to discover TIGER Coatings(hall 1, booth 1641) and their extend portfolio of new products.DRYLAC Series 18: energy-efficient low-cure powder coating. Not only environmentally friendly but also budget-friendly, these coatings find wide application. Within the new Sport & Leisure Color Trend Collection 2025/26 that will be presented during the show, you will find the innovative products: Meta TIGER Coatings: one-layer, high gloss with superior metallic sparkle effects. Already curious?

On another front, Duthoo (hall 1, booth 1645), with their unique white label products, will demonstrate how to maintain and repair your clients' surfaces, all while building your brand.

As for our other partners – Lesta (hall 1, booth 1434), Eurotherm (hall 3, booth 3510), and coatmaster AG(hall 3, booth 3531)– they have enticing special offers awaiting you at our venue during the Expo. After all, we don’t want to reveal all the surprises in advance.

If this sounds tempting, find us atExhibition Center Karlsruhe MAP.

If you want a free ticket for the event, book a meeting with our experts HERE.