WAGNER Group: Automated application with water-based coatings and reduced equipment costs

WAGNER adds special variants to the range of high-speed rotation atomizers with external charging for the processing of water-based coatings.

 From metal workpieces to automotive components and wood: WAGNER’s high-speed rotary atomizers can be used in numerous industrial sectors and achieve extremely efficient coating results on both small and large workpieces.

The TOPFINISH Bell 1S and TOPFINISH RobotBell 1 products available to date are equally well suited as all-round units for water-based and solvent-based coatings. Both models are now available as variants with external charge with the suffix “ECH” (“external charge”). They have been specially developed for demanding applications with water-based paints, where a particularly high coating quality is required.

The external charge of the coating material is decisive here: The high voltage emitted via the electrode ring ionizes the ambient air in such a way that the sprayed material is charged. The grounded workpiece is electrostatically coated. Compared to internal charging, external charging has the considerable advantage that the overall system does not have to be specially insulated for use with water-based coatings, ultimately to ensure a safe coating process. The equipment costs for water-based coating applications are therefore significantly reduced.

Compared to the WAGNER market competitors, these two models can process even higher-viscosity materials too. Thanks to the modular concept, they can also be converted in just a few minutes to a version with internal charging for use with solvent-based coatings, without having to modify the complete structure of the overall system.

Various designs
WAGNER has extended its range of high-speed rotation atomizers to serve the growing demand for automated liquid paint applications for the different motion technologies available today. The TOPFINISH RobotBell 1 ECH is mounted on a robot arm, while the TOPFINISH Bell 1S ECH is specially designed for use with reciprocators and linear axes systems. The proven RBC 1E control system is available for both versions.

Flexible application and high efficiency
Just like the already proven versions with internal charging, the new versions also enable large spray pattern variations (70 – 800 mm). Alternative disk sizes and adjustable steering airs are available, which can be adapted to suit the respective workpiece geometry and also the material used.

An internal and external flushing device of the bell disk, as well as the direct disposal of excess material via a drain valve, ensure short color change times – for fast cycle times in highly automated coating.

Depending on the material, flow rate and workpiece, an application efficiency of over 80% can be achieved thanks to the very fine atomization. Compressed air consumption is around 20% lower with all WAGNER high-speed rotary atomizers than with comparable products. An exhaust air concept, which discharges the exhaust air to the rear, additionally optimizes the coating result.

Easy maintenance without special tools
WAGNER uses the same basic components for all high-speed rotary atomizers, for example for the turbine or bell disks and the easily replaceable valve blocks. The spare and wear parts are also identical.The simple operation, robust technology and durable components made of stainless steel reduce the effort required for assembly and maintenance and therefore also the operating costs.


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