New Dormant Folder 12 from TIGER Coatings: It’s all about the special effects!

As leaders in the domain of special effect powder coatings, TIGER Coatings never seizes to excite us with their spectacular selections of hues and nuances. The new Dormant Folder 12 sample kit makes no exception!

TIGER Coatings strongly recognizes the specific application needs of the various industries in which it operates. Thus, it has a strong focus in the development of specialized products dedicated to the needs of different market segments. Part of this dedication is the creation of special color selections and customized sample kits.

The new Dormant Folder 12 has been specifically designed to cater the special surface finishing needs of the Automotive industry, especially in the wheel refurbishment sector, as well as the growing Sports & Leisure market.

This premium kit stands out with its finishing and 12 real metal powder coated samples on a round surface which exceptionally visualize the special effect characteristics of the color.

Further, the Dormant nuances earn a quality stamp-of-approval with their exterior polyester-based TIGER Drylac® coating which provides stunning visual appeal and great technical characteristics, including high UV resistance.


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