Long Night of Research 2018 – what you need to know

Long Night of Research (LNR) is the largest science and research event in Austria and this year’s edition
was held on the 13 th April. LNR is the only science exhibition in the country in which national institutions
and private sector companies open their doors to the general public and showcase everything from
school projects up to cutting-edge research and innovative products.

Since its inception in 2005, Long Night of Research has been setting new standards in open dialogue
between science and society where innovative projects, sophisticated technologies and advancements
are presented to the public in a comprehensive, exciting and entertaining way; thus, making science
more accessible and interesting for the wider audience. LNR is an event in which TIGER Coatings has
been a regular participant and for this year’s edition it showcased how powder coating is produced and
the way it is applied to numerous applications products in variety of industries.

Long Night of Research is held in 265 locations within Austria and one of these spots is the research and
development center of TIGER Coatings where people get a unique look behind the scenes and have the
opportunity to see various powder coated products and items from renowned and interesting clients of
the company.

TIGER Coatings is an integral part of the bike sppot and for us it was an honor to participate in this event.
Along with partnering Bulgarian companies we supported the event by providing several innovative
powder coated products to be showcased in the exhibition.

One of the highlights of the exhibition was our attractive neon green bike project which uses TIGER’s
cutting edge ‘glow in the dark’ coating technology that illuminates light in the dark. Another item which
received a lot of attention from the public was an innovative electric bicycle from our partners Pulse
Cycles. The showcased products had the purpose to show the practical application and quality of powder
coating and the certainly did not fail in this.

For us, at the bike spot, innovation, science and research are the key to development and prosperity, not
only for us as a platform, but the wider society as well; therefore, we will continue to support such
initiatives because they educate people, make science more accessible and provide the backbone of a
bright and sustainable future.