Automation made easy by WAGNER

The new SprayPackE control unit from WAGNER facilitates the transition from manual to automated powder coating. With enhanced user-friendliness and resource utilization capabilities, this product allows operators to easily increase their efficiency and achieve coating quality of the highest level. Added benefit of SprayPackE is that it can be integrated to already existing powder coating systems; thus, providing a great upgrade with less investment in new equipment.

Full order books quickly push companies that do manual powder coating to the limits of their capacities. One solution is to switch to automated applications. In addition to the powder booth, powder preparation, motion systems and guns, this includes an intelligent control system that is easy to install and operate. This saves time and guarantees a high coating quality.

With the new SprayPackE automatic control unit, WAGNER has brought a solution onto the market that meets all these requirements. It controls up to 20 automatic guns and all motion systems in the powder booth. “Thanks to its integrated design and high user-friendliness, the SprayPackE offers an ideal introduction to automatic powder coating. Even outdated plants can be easily modernised,” explains Michael Topp, Global Senior Product Portfolio Manager at WAGNER.

Sophisticated user guidance saves time and money

With the SprayPackE WAGNER replaces the PrimaTech-CCM control unit. Compared to its predecessor, this new product ranks high above all through its simple user interface and intuitive operation. Instead of numerous individual components, it consists of a central control unit that can be used to monitor and control the entire powder coating system. For example, powder quantity can be easily determined via a central touch screen with the option to control all guns, groups or individual sets. Comparable devices require the guns to be set individually via the corresponding control modules. This costs time and money – as the following example shows: While an operator needs around ten seconds to change the parameters with conventional controls, the SprayPackE applies new settings in just two seconds. With an average of four setting changes per hour, extrapolated on the basis of a conventional eight-hour day, this results in an efficiency gain of several thousand euros per year.

Material savings through intelligent gap and height control

Customers also benefit from WAGNER’s automatic gap and height control. The gap control ensures that spraying only takes place when a workpiece is in front of the guns. The powder supply is switched off in whenever there is a gap. In addition, the innovative height control system, which previously only existed for larger WAGNER systems, is now optionally available for the entry-level model. Michael Topp explains: “The height control optimizes the coating of parts with different heights by switching off guns that would spray past the workpiece. This works via a continuous light bar at the entrance to the powder booth. Spaces in the workpiece, for example in window frames, are also omitted in this way.” This creates maximized efficiency and minimizes powder consumption. The guided colour change process makes operation even easier. An easy-to-understand step-by-step guide helps to avoid errors and, as a result, time-consuming reworking or downtimes. Furthermore, a maintenance counter records the operating hours per component and enables an optimal maintenance routine, thus, prolonging the service life of the control unit.

Entry into automated powder coating or upgrade of obsolete systems

The new automatic control unit is suitable for all industries. Be it for users who switch to automatic coating or upgrade outdated coating systems. “Controls in older powder coating systems can be easily replaced by the SprayPackE,” says Michael Topp. “In principle, the booth and powder supply unit can continue to be used without restriction, as can guns up to a certain age.”

From left to right: SprayPackE automatic control unit, the CPE module for controlling the power supply and safety interlocking of the motion technology, the MCE module with intuitive menu navigation for easy system control.

The clear user interface of the touch screen facilitates operation.

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