A Brilliant World First in Surface Finishing: TIGER Drylac 3D Metallic

Whether for individual architectural applications, in the automotive or sports equipment fields or as stylish interior design elements: Effect metallic surfaces are in demand more than ever. They underscore the quality of an object, turning it into a distinctive, one-of-a-kind piece.

A process known as “bonding” is often used to make powder coatings with metallic effects: Here, powder and effect pigments are mixed homogeneously using shear force and temperature, a process in which the pigments bond on to the powder grain surface. The result is impressive – however standard single-coat effect powder coatings cannot quite compete with the optical performance of corresponding liquid paints.

In order to meet the various demands for brilliancy and depth, TIGER developed a spectacular productinnovation that perfectly combines the highdemands of powder coating for finish andvisual effects.

TIGER Drylac® 3D Metallics

A new generation of liquid paint look-alike metallic effect powder coatings that open up optical dimensions never before achieved and cannot be distinguished from liquid paint in terms of effect (Fig. 1):

  • Design and technology for all applications;
  • 3D-effect depth visible from all angles of observation (Fig. 2);
  • High application reliability;
  • Extremely weather resistant;
  • Very good batch consistency;
  • Top results with just one coat.


Patented production process In the TIGER Drylac® 3D Metallics production process, which is registered for a patent, the effect pigments are first added to a clear or transparent powder coating melt and ground particularly gently. Then a special mixing process is used to create a homogeneous blend from this master batch with a second, opaque powder coating.

During the melting and curing phase, TIGER Drylac® 3D Metallics form channels of clear powder coating between pigment and coating surface. As a result, similar to fiber-optic conductors, the pigments deep inside the powder coating matrix become visible as well and the 3D metallic effect can be seen perfectly from any angle. This innovative product offers a decisive advantage compared to liquid paint: TIGER Drylac® 3D Metallics are for use in a single-coat process, are environmentally friendly, and are suitable for any surface.

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