The bike sppot is the focal point where all surface technologies meet and interact. As such, our team is always eager to share its knowledge and competence with customers, partners and the wider public. Thus, for Q4 of 2018 the bike sppot opens the doors of its unique Competence Center for the initiative ‘Get Technical’. This is a series of individual technical seminars in which a special selection of companies will have the chance to dive deep in the leading technology and processes that turn a raw bicycle frame into an immaculately finished piece of art.

The idea of Get Technical is to allow our guests to learn the theory and practice of bicycle surface finishing production processes and solutions. This will be achieved through a combination of theoretical presentations and hands-on practical demonstrations which cover the topics of pre-treatment, liquid / powder coating, decaling, top coating, curing, and quality control. Being an individual seminar, means that the visitors of the Competence Center will have the chance to tailor the content of the program in order to get practical solutions that specifically interest them and the companies they represent; this way, maximizing the value and outcome they derive from the initiative.

The goal of the Get Technical is simple! We want to share with our visitors the unique value of the bike sppot and help them learn about new solutions, which will ultimately enhance their production efficiency and product quality.

Surface finishing technology and competence are our passion and through the bike sppot we share it with you.

News and details from the first seminar will soon follow. Stay tuned!

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