The sppot would like to officially announce that it introduces changes to its roster of partners.

More specifically, Hodij Coatings will no longer be part of the platform.

Since the inception of the sppot in late 2016 the Dutch coatings specialist has played a big role in the success of our platform by providing exceptional expertise, competence and product solutions in the domain of liquid coating bike systems. These past four years have been incredibly exciting and our team would like to thank Hodij Coatings for their support, efforts and fruitful relationship. We would also like to wish them great success and prosperity in their future endeavors.

As for the future of the sppot, we are more than excited about it and look forward to keep our strong development with the addition of new partners which will further strengthen our position as a forward-thinking surface-finishing platform that puts innovation, high quality and customer focus as top priorities. More news on this matter will be announced in the near future.

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