A whole exciting year is behind us! Check out what we did and learn more about the future plans of the bike sppot.

Our First Steps:

  • The Grand opening of the Competence Center was a blast event. Going back in this sunny day, we are getting excited again. It was great to have all this friends and partners gathered at our brand new Competence Center. Please check out the 👉🏻 photo memories from this day.
  • We participated Eurobike, the world’s leading trade fair for the cycling industry, for the first time as the bike sppot – and we rocked! Here is an 👉🏻 overview. Also during the event, Yavor had a speech about the need of a complete solution provider such as our One-Stop-Shop Platform, and shared more information about the future of the project.
  • The first bike sppot image folder was released.
  • Partners & Sponsors; during the first year – we are proud to have added two more sponsors to the bike sppot family. Starting the year with 5 partners and 1 sponsor, co. Fox Laser, we are happy to welcome also  – Metall Werk and Mag 97, on board!
  • We reached out to new business territories outside of Europe. Our new (prospective) customers are from China, USA, Australia and Russia.

2017 in Numbers:

  • More than 90 days spent with bike customers. Тhe better we know our customer’s needs- the better service we can offer. That is why we traveled all around Europe, meeting our clients, discussing our common projects.
  • We visited 46 customers around Europe. We appreciated this time, and would like to thank all of you for the time and the knowledge you shared with us.
  • We are always happy to welcome people who are passionate to improve their skills and become more professional. For the year we hosted 16 individual technical and color setting workshops at the Competence Center.
  • The bike kit is was a hit. More than 300 + bike KIT’s with color selections in powder and liquid were distributed around Europe.
  • Our partners POSTERAMA gained their first customers in Serbia and Australia! It was a very successful business year for them, as they turned over + 5% compared to 2016. This is impressive because it is the second best result since 2012.
  • Business for TIGER bike sppot related colors and effects was grew roughly about 40% in 2017 throughout Europe.

New Year, New Colors, New Тechnology

  • Revival of the neon colors in powder TIGER coatings and new 3D effects were released.
  • The WAGNER 3D robots were introduced to the bike manufacturing industry.
  • Hodij coatings released 32 new trend colors. For the last two years they have developed the impressive number of 450 new bike colors. They can definitely make all the colors you want.

What is Next:

  • TIGER made the commitment to introduce new Trendy Special Effects – each quarter in 2018-2019.
  • Bike Kit 95 will be launched before the Eurobike 2018 – sporting 95 new colors and effects.
  • The TIGER Total Selection – a new wall-mountable display case with +200 effects, will be introduced in Q3/Q4 2018.
  • The new Low Temperature Acrylic Top Coats are about to be launched.
  • Glow-in-the-dark coatings are on their way in 2018.
  • Expanding the bike market experience into sports and leisure goods as: toys, playground equipment, wheelchairs, rollators, and the automotive industry.
  • A chemical pre-treatment company to join as a partner is our next goal in making the bike sppot team even more professional. It is because in our unique One-stop-shop-platform we aim to provide you with the full set of solutions for the surface finishing of bikes and sporting goods. We are working hard on combining technologies and testing their interaction so that we reach the best possible solution.

Become a Sponsor and join our Family.

Check Out who We are and What We Do:

  • We are always open new “family members” that will share our passion for delivering A to Z – surface finishing solutions and cater to the sporting goods industry.
  • One that adds up to our team with years of experience and interaction with leading global bicycle manufacturers. Work on technological level to meet the customers’ needs when applying the different finishing systems, colors and products.
  • A company to share our network approach and reach out to each part of the European bike-manufacturing industry.

Are you interested in the bike sppot program, becoming part of the “The ONE place  where all surface technologies meet & interact?!

Surface – Protection – Performance – O – Trend
…O as in ONE place.

The ONE place where all surface technologies meet & interact.

We would like to wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Enjoy our video greeting!

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