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It’s August – the peak of the summer, and the perfect time for vacation, friends, fun, new places, memorable moments and adventures. Just add some bike riding in the recipe and you will have the perfect holiday retreat. Pack your bag, grab a bike and let us guide you through some of the best places for cycling vacations in Europe.

Disclaimer: This guide is tailored for road and gravel cycling adventurers. An article for the best mountain biking destinations in Europe will follow.

Algarve, Portugal
Normally, the first association we make with Portugal is the beaches and surfing spots, but this magnificent country also offers some thrilling cycling locations. This lesser-known place called Algarve is based in Monte Gordo and is the perfect location for bike lovers.  During the summer cycling should be enjoyed only in the mornings and evenings when the temperatures are cooler and you can feel the gentle coastal breeze. 

This place is heaven on earth with alluring coasts, golden sands, magical caves and a lot of activities to do during your stay. It’s not by accident that it takes the first position in our ranking. Of course, the list has something for each taste, so keep reading.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

It is not a secret that the beauty of the Balkans is breathtaking. With a bike you can move faster and explore places in more detail. For those of you who are not afraid to tackle 80 km per day there is a majestic loop tour which starts and finishes in Dubrovnik.

En route the cyclists will ride on beautiful coastal roads with to the sea and some magnificent villages and vineyards. The road crosses into Bosnia-Herzegovinа, Montenegro, and passes the bay of Kotor – a magical place just like in a fairy tale. Of course, this trip has not been deprived of beach time and cultural experiences. Throughout the way you will have many opportunities to enjoy the beaches of coastal Croatia and the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Granada to Seville

Seville is like a dream come true for every traveler. Some devoted fans of road cycling trips may know the bicycle-travel specialist Skedaddle, who have developed a cool brand new adventure through Seville which includes the most beautiful cities Córdoba, Granada & Seville. The trip continues nine days and offers flamenco experience in Córdoba, inspiring architecture and cultural discoveries in Granada, and delicious tapas in Seville.

An interesting fact, with which you can impress your friends, is that the previous name of Granada is actually Gárnata, which means – “hill of strangers” in Arabic.

The weather in this part of Europe is perfect for such an adventure. The region has a very high proportion of sunny days, so during your bike trip you will enjoy the beautiful blue skies and warm temperatures. It’s good to know that a cycling adventure in Seville is best suited for the end of the summer as the temperatures in August tend to be quite high.

The level of difficulty is not so hard and includes rides of around 21 – 50 km per day. No doubt, it’s an adventure worth taking.

Passau to Belgrade

Starting from Passau – a small German city close to the Austrian border this trip will take you to the Balkans and more specifically down to the river Danube. This interesting and lovely jaunt includes a boat trip and passes some of the best cities in Europe: Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade.

To accomplish this adventure with a bike will take you around two weeks and you will cross almost half of Europe. It is definitely something to which you should dedicate time and effort in order to make the most of the trip and manage to visit the numerous cultural and historical locations along the way. Some of the highlights include the Danube Bend at Schlögen, the canyon of the Iron Gates national park, the Esztergom basilica – the biggest church in Hungary, and many more.

It is recommended to consult your journey with a tourist agent, who will take care of all the organization such as accommodation from place to place, insurance, tickets, touristic information, and professional guides.

Adriatic stories: Trieste to Pula

This adventure will take you through three countriesSlovenia, Croatia and Italy. For for those of you who are romantics, this vacation is the perfect combination of a cycling adventure and romantic retreat. All starts in Trieste and continues through the entire coastal line of Slovenia, and ends in Pula, Croatia – a town known for its rich cultural heritage and Roman amphitheater.

The rest of the trip includes Koper, Novigrad, and Rovinj – all towns with vivid history and representations of the Middle Ages. The cultural atmosphere is rich and full of new experiences. Of course, riding predominantly on coastal roads will provide you with many opportunities to enjoy the splendid coasts of the Adriatic Sea.

Italian romance: Mantua to Verona

Until now we’ve been describing long trips which require a lot of time and dedication. But not all the cycling adventures have to be long and exhausting. This one is an example of how you can plan to spend a long weekend on a bike and to mix it with some nice cultural and touristic experiences. The magnificent route is placed in the heart of North Italy, where the itinerary promises to take you back at the Renaissance and tell you a beautiful love story. Long and pleasant, the bike trip starts from Mantua – a historic coastal town with rich cultural heritage which is protected by Unesco. After the 60 km ride you will enter Verona, the hometown of Romeo and Juliet, and dive in the atmosphere of love and romance.

No matter which rout you decide to take, before the trip, you should make sure that you and your bike are in good condition, ready to take on some kilometers. The best thing to do is to get you bicycle checked and serviced by an expert before the trip. Also make sure to check some bike shops on the way, where you can stop in a case of unplanned repairs. Be smart with your equipment, take a map, or just keep your phone battery charged, and you are ready to go.



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